Palladian Dream

Palladian Dream 

Art Installation

Club Pro Los Angeles, June 2018 


Club Pro invites you to enter a temporal and spatial illusion and indulge in a reflection on the beauty of vice. Amore Agency writes an ode to their place of origin, where objects and images serve as emotional devices; adorning the space with luscious fabric, warm light and peculiar smell this immersive installa- tion recreates the intimacy of a sinful chapel.

Emphasis is placed on a series of bas-relief that represent, in keeping with tradition, a didascalic moment on three stereotypical emotions usually expressed as tags that anyone can notice wonder- ing an Italian city. Spread along the first panel we find the phrase “Long live the pussy” ( love and sensuality ) , to follow “ Go Rome “ ( adrenaline and devotion related to soccer but also Rome as the mother of Italian culture ) and in the last panel is probably the most common tag of all when a desperate man tags the wall of his lover house with her name followed by “I love you” usually in a moment of suffering or in an attempt to conquer their object of desire.

In the video content, the same emotions are explored in a less symbolic way like the religious devotion to a controversial figure like Silvio Berlusconi or the representation of the drinking culture under many different lenses from the meme-like Roberto Cavalli advertising his homonym vodka to the promotion of a nail polish tasting like Prosecco.

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