Broke Studio at Sci_Arc

Broke Studio at Sci_Arc

Vertical Design Studio

Teaching position with Lucy McRae

“Broke Studio is a 15 week programme led by sci fi artist and body architect Lucy McRae and architect Noemi Polo at  SCI_Arc a world-renowned center of innovation and one of the nation’s few independent architecture schools. This studio is intuitive, unconventional and swims against anything current.

Broke reflects on the transformative potential science and technology has when designing human biology, looking 41 years ahead, we explore the future of intimacy, food, beauty, mental health, pet organisms and what if Instagram becomes physical.

In the pharmacopornographic era, nature has lost its active deterministic power and the body is subjected to the intervention of society, imagination and science’s idea of what is human. Products become a manifestation of our desires, part of our rituals and procedures and are definition by loaded messages in disguise.”