Biloba Tonic

Biloba Tonic

Art Installation and Performance

with Bika Rebek ( Sibilasoon ), June 2017

20170623 future arch 04.jpg
20170623 future arch 02.jpg

A haptic immersive installation that question the very core of architecture composition,by releasing the border from its traditional solidity and engaging in the production of neo arcaic objects. The “fulcrum” of the installation so define itself as the point which gives birth to the limits, relating these two elements with an inverse relationship between matter and weight. Bringing the attention to what is happening in the inner part of the installation, we are trying to redefine the priority of the semperian Hearth as archetype that is in this case considered as the starting point of the composition, defining itself as a virtual keeper of the shape, texture and cultural values of the architectural composition.

as part of the Architecture after the Future

Exhibithion Curator : Ana Jeinić

Exhibition Designer : Ana Dana Beroš

at House of Architecture (HDA), Graz, AT , opened on June 22nd 

read about it here

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170622_EOE_Architecture after the future(c)martingrabner-HDA (78).jpg